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What Is OSC 3.0?

What is OSC 3.0?

The One Stop Centre (OSC) was first introduced in 2007 with the main objective of enhancing the public delivery system to facilitate property development approved. The OSC model has since been upgraded to OSC 3.0 to further strengthen the effectiveness of the development approval process by local authorities and external technical agencies.

The OSC 3.0 further refined the Matrix which lists the agencies required to be referred for the various types of applications. Among the improvements to the OSC model were:

  • Building plans would be referred to only 3 departments namely Building Department, Engineering Department and Fire and Rescue Department;
  • Introduction of Pre-Consultation as the first stage of the process where applicants would be informed of the requirements set down by PBAN, TNB, SKMM and PTG/PTD within 14 days and such requirements would be valid for 6 months, after which the requirements may differ;
  • Notification of Start Work Order via Form B (Second Schedule, UBBL) allowing for works to commence within 14 days if no objections from the local authority;
  • Premium required to be paid only when entering construction site and not at DO stage; and
  • For issuance of CCC, clearance to be given immediately upon final inspection or deemed approved after 14 days.

The OSC 3.0 will be used in all local authorities and external technical agencies with effect from 1 June 2014.

​The phases and processes of OSC 3.0 are as shown in the diagram below:

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