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Your future construction & engineering partner
Your future construction & engineering partner

Jurutera Perunding JBI is a civil and structural consulting firm wholly owned by Bumiputera. Registered on the 8th March 2002, led and owned by a very experienced professional, who has been working in the local authority for more than seventeen years.

Your future construction & engineering partner
Civil & Structural Consultant Engineers


  • To provide the most efficient, ethical and reliable service by using the latest technology in the world.
  • To assist government in developing the country by involving in major projects.


  • Uphold engineering ethics and not to offend other competitors in the same field.
  • Value our clients by providing efficient service and tailored to the client’s budget.
Perunding JBI

Civil & Structural Consultant Engineers

“We design with the future & respect for people, animals and the environment in mind.”
Perunding JBI

Our Projects

Since 2002, we have completed so many project across Malaysia especially in Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, Melaka and Johor. Visit our project gallery to view the project that we have done.

Our Clients

Turn your vision into reality

We offers abundant opportunities for professionals in civil and structural industries.

We are continuously searching for the best talents for our projects in various disciplines and fields. We invite highly motivated individuals who are seeking challenging and rewarding career opportunities to join our network.

Knowledge sharing

Checkout knowledge center to learn more about civil and structural.


Drop us your CV at and we will get back to you with available job opportunities and vacancies in our group of companies.

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