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Water Resources Engineering

Water resources engineering is the study and management of equipment, facilities and techniques that are used to manage and preserve life’s most plentiful resource.

In addition to assessing how and the best ways in which to control water as it pertains to water-related activities – such as irrigation, waste disposal and canal development – water resource engineers are also frequently involved in water management to ensure that it’s safe to drink both for humans, plants and animal usage.

Water resource engineers may be tasked with the awesome responsibility of ensuring that the planning and management of available water supply are adequately leveraged and remain safe to use for as long as possible. They may also be involved in water treatment so that the quality of water is improved upon for various end uses, whether that’s recreationally, commercially or industrially.

Other Tasks of Water Resources Engineering

Water resources engineering also deals with:

  • Sewer systems for storms and wastewater.
  • Irrigation network.
  • River engineering, including ice covered rivers.
  • Hydraulic structures, including dams, spillways, floodways and reservoirs.
  • Seepage control.
  • Hydrology.
  • Floods, flow of mud and debris.
  • Wave analysis.
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